Within the past 6 months, we have assisted more than 100 service disabled VETERANS & WOUNDED WARRIORS re-enter the workforce in various positions including Administrative, Logistics, Facility Maintenance, IT, Security, & Project Management.

We recently helped place a WOUNDED WARRIOR in Maryland with a significant service related disability. In 2005, she was driving a five-ton truck to Baghdad Airport, transporting soldiers who were flying out to new assignments. The vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device. Shrapnel went through the left side of her body & face, breaking her jaw and a main blood vessel to her brain. She managed not only to keep the truck upright and moving, but she was able to get the soldiers to their destination before seeking medical treatment. For that bravery, she was awarded the PURPLE HEART. She then spent the next few years recovering and then going to college all while raising 3 children. Upon graduation, she searched for over a year in the DC metro area and was unable to find a job. She was then referred to EDRC. We worked closely with her revising her resume & improving her interview skills. We then reached out to our Veteran friendly Employers in the area and were able to get her a Material Expediter position on a DOL Contract in less than a month. That kind of success story and her happiness at finally finding a job is why we can't get enough of what we do.

If a female OIF/OEF WOUNDED WARRIOR that was awarded the PURPLE HEART cannot find a Federal or Civilian job after searching for over a year in the DC Metro area, how likely is it that other disabled VETERANS can? This is why our efforts are critical and we are so passionate about what we do. We hope you will help share in our goal of assisting these deserving men and women gain employment.

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